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4 Reasons Why You Ought to Attend Vegan Fest Des Moines IA

​It doesn't matter if you have never tried vegan food or are an avid fan of the life style. The Vegan Fest in Des Moines IA is the place you ought to be. This is a family fun filled event encouraging healthy eating habits to everyone. You will learn how easy and affordable it is to transition into Plant Based / Vegan Lifestyles.Not only will you be able to sample vegan food, you'll be able to take part in the vegan lifestyle of Des Moines. Here are four reason why you ought to attend:

vegan vendors

​Food Vendors

​What better way to sample ​vegan food than from the local providers? Serving up globally inspired, organic plant-based dishes, these vendors will wow you with their creativity and delicious creations.

vegan food trucks

​Food Trucks

​What's a Vegan Fest without vegan ​food trucks?  Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or making the transition to a healthy and animal-free vegan diet, be sure to visit these food trucks for delicious options while eating on the go.


​Vegan Cooking Workshops

​Learn how to cook vegan in the comfort of your home whether you've cooked before or are an expert cook. All done in ​a comfortable, relaxed, and friendly setting. ​Learn to cook from scratch using the best, healthy ingredients, spices and produce. We mingle, share our cooking experiences, and eat together


​Vegan Cooking Demos

​We realize that free cooking demonstrations are great ways to introduce the veg-curious to plant-based foods as well as help vegans stay healthy. We love all the amazing fruits and vegetables that you can find during the summer here but how do you creatively use them to create some amazing summer salad side dishes? We have come up with the perfect side dishes to your next summer outing, picnic or BBQ! Join us for two amazing non traditional yet delicious vegan summer salads that the whole family will love!

vegan food

​Getting Hungry for some goodies?

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